Social Network Keeps you connected with fellow Christians worldwide and helps build your Faith via its interactive features and contents. This website official web addresses are:,, and all linking to the same website – Social Network.


1. To unite in one faith, Christians from every country, ethnicity and denomination via our interactive network.
2. To share the good news of salvation unto the lost souls as we strive to redeem them by Gods grace.
3. To revive and impact the word of God in the life of Christians.
4. To help youths realize and use their God given potentials to his glory.
5. To see to it that Christians maintain their stand within (among fellow believers), outside (in the world) and above all before God.


1. To see to it that Christians are united as a family once again as it were in the time of the apostles (Acts 2:42) sharing, praying and caring for one another.
2. To see to it that our youths most especially, are delivered and protected from the devil’s devices on the internet via which he uses to deceive many astray.


To expand the good news of salvation to all ends of the earth as commanded by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15.


Inspiration came from God as I (founder) was having a quiet time one day, reading through the book of Acts chapter 2 on how i could actually use my web design talent to create a platform through which the message of Acts 2:42-47 could be propagated. In Acts 2:42-47, the believers formed a community where they gathered together to fellowship and communion, even as they listened to the apostles teachings, sharing whatever they had and caring for the needy amidst them and in turn God blessed them by adding to their number those who had been saved. Many Christians wonder why it seems God is not blessing them, may be its because they have not yet practiced what Acts 2:42-47 preached about.
Well Social Network is here to establish that community of believers via the internet which the devil is now using to draw many astray. possesses many features of popular secular social networks but its aim, as you have read thus far is far off.
It is interdenominational in the sense that it does not discriminate/favor any church denomination, tribe, ethnic group or nationality.


In future by the grace of God we would expand our coast by having the ability to reach out to people physically, mostly after interaction with them via the internet, where by the main category of these people will be those who are facing challenges in holding on to their faith (i.e being persecuted) and those people who are trying to become Christians but are facing persecution from immediate or extended family among other peculiar issues.
For now Social Network, is where Christians come together to share their experiences, lessons, biblical inspirations as well as a platform though which christian pictures, music, videos, themes, articles, devotionals and other important christian files are being uploaded and shared by members and the Admin via the name “”. Also not forgetting about reaching out to redeem lost souls via the website as a point of contact.
We are as well open to all christian organizations that are ready to assist us or work with us. Social Network is accessible from all over the world with language translation capability and it’s registered for now under the Nigerian copyright commission(NCC) and protected by DCMA. It has the capacity to host more than 1 million registered users and 500,000 users online at a time for now, plus an unlimited database space for files and we can still grow bigger with your support.

THIS SITE WAS DEDICATED ON THE 21ST OF DECEMBER 2013 hence, the date of our anniversary every other year to the glory of God. Two subsection of this website – Faithsearch and Faithtube was launched on the 15th of May 2015.
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Do visit regularly to keep your faith growing and helping that of others, you can also assist/support us in whatever way/area you feel God wants you to. God bless you!


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