7 Reasons Why You Need to Cultivate The Habit of Reading Books

Everyone has at some point heard that reading books can do a lot of good in our lives, we may have even heard that Leaders are readers. But have you ever understood in detail the benefits of a reading habit?

Here are some:

1. Improves memory

Our mind is an amazing thing, which can remember a lot of things with relative ease, But We Usually don’t use our brain as per its capability, we just fill our brain with negativity and bad thoughts which stops the growth of our brain, And our brain stick to that Fixed mindset, Our mind has a marvelous capabilities and Capacity, it just need a workout just like our body, in order to give its best performance.

2. Improves Vocabulary and English

People often face problem-related to English, But Reading can help you to improve, Through books you can learn new words statements and grammar, It will also save your cash, By not joining any course and directly learn through books, and self-education is a great way to learn, but For this Implementation is must, you will learn if you are focused towards it.


Reading is much cheaper than going to the movies or many other forms of entertainment. In fact, reading is free at the library! We are constantly adding new books, so you never have to worry about running out of ones that you haven’t read. Books can transport you to different worlds, all with the added benefit of not having to pay airfare.

4. Self Improvement

Reading does help you form a better you, doesn’t it?  Through reading, you begin understand the world more. Through reading, you begin to have a greater understanding on a topic that interest you; for example: how to build self confidence, how to make plan better before taking action, how to memorize things better and more. All of these self improvements start from the reading; through reading, you create a structured path towards a better understanding and better actions to take in the future.

5. Reading Books Leads You to Write

If you’re a budding writer, reading is indispensable for you. Getting in touch with other writers is going to hone and chisel your own writing skills. You’ll be bubbling with a creative and novel vision. Even the mundane of all newspapers has the potential to be your muse!

6. Increases Empathy

Reading requires us to sympathize with character’s emotions. Being “emotionally transported” by a book has been shown to cause boosts in empathy. Studies have found that reading fiction helps readers understand what other’s are thinking by reading people’s emotions.

7. Reading Books Never Lets You to be Lonely

While human interaction is desirable, a book has the power to replace and take precedence over it. You’re in the bus alone because your colleague had to leave early that day. So what do you do? Open the ‘best-seller’ novel that’s been making rounds in your office bag for ages now! A book will not allow boredom to take its toll on you and it is ever ready to serve you. You don’t need to be in a particular setting for the sake of reading, it can be done anywhere you want.

So the next time you pass a bookstore or library, do ensure you stop by; you will be doing yourself some real good.

Happy Reading!!!






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