Bishop Okonkwo Speaks on Religious Crisis

Bishop Mike Okonkwo, who is the Founder of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) speaks on the ongoing religious crisis.

Bishop Oknonkwo said in a lecture organized to celebrate his 73rd Birthday

The celebrant, Dr. Okonkwo believes that Nigeria is a great country, “if we are able to get our acts together, the world should wait for us. I know that’s why we are fighting but we will certainly get there. “Our lecturer and guest speaker have really opened our eyes.

I’ve always had taken this thing in my mind that if we really want to interrogate the issues concerning our country…Mr. Chairman also mentioned it…we must divorce our minds from tribal sentiments, religious sentiments, party sentiments.

“If we don’t take those things out of the way and think that we are going to get it right in the country, we are wasting our time because often times you look at what people do it has the tribal coloration, religious coloration. You just mentioned to us how many people were killed during the Zaria crisis, the Christians didn’t say anything, and now they killed Christians, the Muslims also kept quiet.

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