Bishop Oyedepo Shares His Encounter with Late Bishop Benson Idahosa

Founder of Living Faith Bible Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed how a life-changing encounter with Late Bishop Benson Idahosa is still speaking in his life and ministry years after the latter passed on.

“…It is quite exciting and instructive that I still keep Faith in Covenant Relationship with all my mentors, including those who have gone to be with The Lord. I believe my life is an embodiment of multi-faceted Grace flowing to me from different sources.

On March 27 1990, Archbishop Benson Idahosa sent for me to be with him in a crusade in Makurdi. I supposed he was not expecting me to be able to make it because of the short notice he gave me. When I arrived Makurdi, I checked into a hotel and went to see him. Then he said “So you came!” I responded “I had no choice”.

He ordered me to have my shower in his bathroom in the hotel. I said “No. Why not in my room?’

“Have your bath here.” he insisted.
After I had my shower and came out, he roared “Kneel down!”
As I knelt down, he laid his hands on me and said “I impart to you from today, the gift of ‘on-time’. Before the need arises, the supply will be waiting.”

What a word from The Lord! It is still working like fire till today!…”

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