Church Planting in America’s Inner Cities
Church Planting in America’s Inner Cities

We plant churches because we want to see the gospel transform people from all backgrounds. No pedigree, no amount of money, no special kind of status will make anyone right with God. Only by grace through faith in Christ are sinners saved (Eph. 2:4–10).

Tragically, however, many of the hardest places in the world are overlooked by Christ’s church. This is the case with inner cities across America.

American inner cities are often characterized by poverty, crime, drugs, gangs, and more. They’re often marked by systemic injustice and oppression. And many of the country’s roughest inner cities have seen decades pass with few gospel-centered churches seeking to actively reach them.

Thankfully, this is changing. Churches are slowly waking up to the great gospel need in such communities. Today, I’m excited to welcome Jerome Gay on the podcast to talk about church planting in the inner city.

You can listen to this podcast episode here.

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Church Planting in America’s Inner Cities


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