Matt Smethurst on Teaching 1 Thessalonians
Matt Smethurst on Teaching 1 Thessalonians

Discussion on ThessaloniansFirst Thessalonians covers a surprising range of massive themes in only five chapters: election, Satan, sex, love, work, and death—just to name a few. Yet perhaps its most dominant theme is the second coming of Jesus.

I talked to Matt Smethurst, managing editor of The Gospel Coalition and an elder at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, about these two often-overlooked but content-rich books. Matt brings to the conversation his knowledge of these books that came from teaching them to adults at his church as well as writing 1–2 Thessalonians: A 12–Week Study in the Knowing the Bible study guide series (Crossway).

You can listen to part one of the interview here and part two on 2 Thessalonians here.

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Matt Smethurst on Teaching 1 Thessalonians



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