A La Carte (August 29)
A La Carte (August 29)

There are some great Kindle deals today that include Paul Washer’s trilogy on the gospel.

(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Books for August)

Is Reading the Bible a Chore or a Delight?

“The Bible’s prime purpose is to bring glory to God. It does that by declaring his excellence and establishing his kingdom and, finally and wonderfully, by bringing all things together under one Head, even Christ. As long as we insist on reading the Bible as if it were all about us, we will not only miss the point, we will find it dull because we won’t be interested in the character that it is describing—God himself.”

Do Inconsistencies in the Gospels Undermine Scripture’s Inerrancy?

It’s good to have an answer to this one. “If you’re a skeptical reader of Scripture, be honest about your questions. Pray about the concern, study the text carefully, and pose questions to a trusted source. Don’t be afraid to ask honest questions of the text, and to seek help answering if you need it.”

A Nashville Statement Symposium

It is the one-year anniversary of the release of the Nashville Statement and CBMW shared an online symposium reflecting on it.

The Strange Protestant Bible of Henry VIII (Video)

“This video looks at the Great Bible of Henry VIII published in 1539, and it shows how the Tyndale translations were copied into the Coverdale and Matthew Bibles to end up making a uniquely Protestant Bible for a king who didn’t want it.”

Can Someone Be Spiritually Healthy and Still Experience Mental Health Challenges?

It’s a tricky question, this. “Can someone (a) embrace the gospel, (b) practice spiritual disciplines, display (c) personal devotion and (d) devout character, and (e) have a robust theology and still experience mental health challenges?”

How We Pray for the Nations

Does your church faithfully pray for the nations? “If we don’t learn to pray and weep for souls—it will be highly unlikely that our children and grandchildren will give themselves for the work of missions. We can’t expect to see God raise up men and women like Adoniram Judson, William Carey, and Amy Carmichael from a church who places very little emphasis on praying and laboring in the work of gospel missions among the nations. May the nations be glad!”

Watch D. A. Carson’s introduction to the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible

Biblical Theology allows you to ponder the individual stories and themes of Scripture while observing how they all fit together in God’s grand biblical narrative. With 3 articles introducing Biblical Theology, 25 articles unpacking key themes of Scripture, and over 20,000 study notes, the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible equips you to follow the progressive unfolding of God’s story.

Flashback: The Lost Virtue of Self-Control

We revel in the freedom of the gospel, not realizing that the gospel doesn’t free us from self-control, but to self-control.

A La Carte (August 29)

Men treat God’s sovereignty as a theme for controversy, but in Scripture it is matter for worship. —J.I. Packer

A La Carte (August 29)

A La Carte (August 29) A La Carte (August 29) A La Carte (August 29) A La Carte (August 29)

A La Carte (August 29)



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