A La Carte (November 20)
A La Carte (November 20)

Today’s Kindle deals include some good books from Reformation Heritage, a few from John MacArthur, and one from Mark Jones.

(Yesterday on the blog: Give Me a Man with an Open Bible!)

I Am the Daughter of a Pedophile

The hour was late when the phone rang one evening last May. It was late enough that I knew something was wrong. My mom’s voice wavered on the phone as she asked me to find a quiet place to talk. I settled on the front porch steps and listened to the cicadas while she gathered her thoughts on the other end of the line.” This one is difficult to read (though not graphic); yet it allows us in to someone else’s search for meaning in suffering.

I Can’t Make Time Stand Still

“We want to be like God, don’t we? We want to turn back time, get more time, and even make time stop. But instead, we’re forced forward, pushed along by clocks and calendars. We can’t master time or gain control over the passing moments. For we ourselves are but a mere passing breath.” Haven’t we all wanted to keep our kids from growing up?

Thanking God For Everything

Beautiful writing like Lore’s just seems so effortless. “For what is God’s will for me? This. This everything. This messy desk, these deadlines, this schedule I can’t wrangle into submission, this monotonous line in which I’ll stand to get an unflattering photo of me laminated onto a card I’ll carry for the next eight years. All of this is God’s will for me. And not only this, that which I can see directly in front of me, but all that I can’t see either.

In All Circumstances?

And while we’re on theme of gratitude… “Am I thankful in all circumstances? What about when times are difficult? What about when I have experienced some particular trial. The Lord commands us to “count it all joy when we fall into various trials?” How can I be thankful and joyful in the midst of a painful trial? The answer, of course, is found in all that the Scriptures teach us about trials.”

Where is Christ Found in the Old Testament? (Video)

Where is Christ found in the Old Testament? Dr. Scott Redd of RTS provides a brief answer here.

Ready for Winter—a Look at Aircraft Deicing

“As winter arrives, airports dust off their deicing equipment and ready for another season of cold, snow, and ice. While a car may be safely operated partially covered in ice or snow, aircraft must be completely free of contamination to assure a safe flight. Deicing can sometimes lead to flight delays, but the alternative is far worse.”

How to Tell if Your Account Has Been Hacked

This may prove helpful: “Hackers routinely target high profile victims like politicians or wealthy cryptocurrency investors. But you could become a target too. Maybe an abusive former partner wants to stalk you, or a run-of-the-mill cybercriminal wants to get into your bank accountIf you think you have been targeted, or worse, hacked, how can you even tell if someone got hold of your account?”

Flashback: A Reflection of Christ

Do my children look to the way I lead my wife and see a reflection of the love of Christ? Or do they have cause to doubt that he is truly for them, that he loves them with a steadfast and immovable love?

A La Carte (November 20)

Riches are like manna; those that gathered less had no want, and those that gathered more, it was but a trouble and annoyance to them. —Thomas Brooks

A La Carte (November 20)

A La Carte (November 20) A La Carte (November 20) A La Carte (November 20) A La Carte (November 20)

A La Carte (November 20)


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