A La Carte (November 23)
A La Carte (November 23)

Keep an eye on the Kindle deals page since I’ll be adding to it over the weekend. I expect Monday will be a big day.

Be sure to check the Black Friday 2018 Deals for Christians over the course of today as it will be updated as I come across new deals.

Straight from the Bible

This is a neat one. “An extremely rare, minuscule biblical stone weight inscribed in ancient Hebrew script with the word ‘beka’ was discovered in rubble taken from excavations at the foundations of the Western Wall.”

US Missionary Killed by ‘World’s Most Isolated’ Tribe

A 27-year-old American missionary was killed on a remote island off the coast of India, where he attempted to share the gospel with the most isolated tribe in the world. All Nations, a Christian missions agency based in the US, confirmed that John Allen Chau traveled to North Sentinel Island after years of study and training to evangelize its small indigenous population, who remain almost entirely untouched by modern civilization.”

Forgery Experts Explain 5 Ways To Spot A Fake  (Video)

“Forensic scientist Thiago Piwowarczyk and art historian Jeffrey Taylor PhD examine a purported Jackson Pollock painting and use their expertise to determine if the painting is legitimate or a forgery.” There’s probably some lessons we can learn here about spotting fake theology.

Airports Cracked Uber and Lyft—Time for Cities to Take Note

If you are anything like most people, you land at an airport with one thought: Get me out of here. And if you’ve touched down in the past six years, chances are you fled with the help of UberLyft, or one of their competitors. When they first arrived on the airport scene, ride-hail companies undercut cab prices in many major airports by about a third. They were quicker than most public transit options, if those options even existed. Everything was great.” But then, suddenly, it wasn’t so great.

Dashed Hopes

“I see the marriage I wanted, one without the extreme limitations brought by a nefarious form of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I can no longer share many simple, everyday expressions of spousal love with Johanna. I cannot hold her hands, hug, or kiss her. To be close to her is to endanger her. I must wear a mask around my wife, slowing the spreading of germs, so as not to make her feel sick. I cannot put my arms around her when she weeps. I cannot have her lay her head on my shoulder when she is exhausted and tired from her suffering. She sleeps alone at night, as I do upstairs. This is not what I wanted for my marriage.”

Money and Missions

Josh Buice: “During this time of year, we often hear of opportunities to invest money for the work of gospel missions. I believe this is a wonderful thing to do and it comes at a great time—the end of the year and during a season of thanks. However, before writing the check and sending it off to missions through your local church or through a parachurch ministry, we must evaluate what we’re doing and at the same time—what we aren’t doing by our financial gift.”

Flashback: The Hidden Power in Every Idol

If we give our allegiance to something that is useless, empty, fleeting, then we become useless, empty, and fleeting. This is the psalmist’s surprising claim, his grave warning: It’s not just idols that are empty and powerless. It’s also the people who worship them.

A La Carte (November 23)

People may be truly believing who nevertheless are sometimes doubting. —Thomas Brooks

A La Carte (November 23)

A La Carte (November 23) A La Carte (November 23) A La Carte (November 23) A La Carte (November 23)

A La Carte (November 23)


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