A La Carte (September 18)
A La Carte (September 18)

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Bit of Heaven the Heaven Tourism Books Never Touched)

Parenting Daughters toward Godliness not Marriage

Two aren’t incompatible, of course, but many put too little emphasis on the first of them. “My daughter has always been her own person. But I’m growing increasingly aware of how little time there is left there for me to fulfill my calling to help her became the kind of person, the kind of woman, God wants her to be, before she sets off on her own for good (more or less).”

The Unattainable Perfectionism of Millennials

“This would seem to be a generation that not only desperately needs the Gospel but is white for harvest (John 4:35). I suspect, though, that much of Millennial’s perfectionism is concern for their image, their success, their peer acceptance, and their social media presence. As opposed to a desire for moral perfection.”

On Giving Criticism as a Christian

Here is some counsel on giving criticism. “Criticism — sometimes it’s warranted, other times, it’s not. Sometimes you will give the criticism, and sometimes you will get it. And if you’re particularly influential, you will receive more of it than others. Before you give biblical admonition to someone, first consider a few things.”

Dr. Michael Kruger: “What is an Apostate?” (Video)

Michael Kruger answers the question briefly and effectively.

5 Better Ways to “Argue” About Social Justice

I think there is a lot to reflect on in this helpful article from Jared Wilson. “I’ve seen some folks in the conversation make fun of the appeal by others to “lean in and listen” but there are actual Bible verses about this. A huge part of the problem is that everybody’s talking at each other and hardly anyone’s listening.”

A Society Without Psalms

“The loss of biblical literacy is not merely an issue for the church and for our proclamation of the gospel, but is a felt absence by our world, a void which our culture must sense and will try to fill.”

The $1,500 iPhone

With a new iPhone coming, here’s a history of its massive price increases and some conjecture on how it’s all about to change. “I believe, the $1,500 iPhone offers a glimpse into Apple’s next phase. The $99/month, forever, iPhone.”

Flashback: The Duty of Diligence

We are called to live ordinary, quiet, but diligent lives right where we are and using the skills, the gifts, and the passions he has given us. A simple life of quiet diligence is a life that is pleasing to God and worthy of his name.

A La Carte (September 18)

Ministry is about fulfilling a calling, not practicing a vocation. —H.B. Charles Jr.

A La Carte (September 18)

A La Carte (September 18) A La Carte (September 18) A La Carte (September 18) A La Carte (September 18)

A La Carte (September 18)


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