A La Carte (September 20)
A La Carte (September 20)

There are, once again, a few different Kindle deals to check out. It has been a pretty good week!

(Yesterday on the blog: The Joys (and the Limitations) of Male-Female Friendships)

If We Lose the Meaning of “Justice,” We Lose the Gospel

I really appreciate Amy’s careful distinction between justice and mercy. “Our ability to explain the gospel to people in our culture depends on our culture’s ability to understand the concept of justice. Because of this, over the years I’ve become concerned about a drift in the meaning of the word ‘justice’—even in Christian circles, among respected friends I usually agree with…”

An Intolerable Sound

It’s a poem and, therefore, open to interpretation, but I think you’ll enjoy it!

Seven Bitter Fruits of Sin

Colin Smith: “In this post, we’ll look at the mystery of sin in the life of an unbeliever. What does this secret power look like in the life of your unbelieving friend, relative, or neighbor? This person does not see anything of the splendor of the Christ and does not yet have the life of Christ in his or her soul.”

How Do You Decaffeinate Coffee?

How do you take the caffeine out of a coffee bean? Here’s how…

A Dice Game, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, and a Delightful Story about Generosity and God’s Providence

I enjoyed this little story. Here’s how Randy Alcorn describes it: “Today’s guest post is by our dear friend Diane Meyer, who tells a great and fun story that really fits with the character of our generous, delightful God. Most giving stories I hear don’t involve a dice game and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. But that’s what makes this one so unique.”

The Horrors and Habitat of Hell

“Scripture teaches that Hell couldn’t be more real and gives great detail about the horrors of this habitat of certain torment.” Here are some of the horrors you may not have seriously considered before.

5 Exercises in Theological Humility

Here are five brief exercises meant to foster theological humility.

Flashback: How To Lose Your Zeal for Christ

Are you zealous for Christ? Do you have a genuine zeal to live for him and to advance his cause in the world? Or have you lost the zeal that once marked you?

A La Carte (September 20)

Sanctification is like a clumsy, slow walk rather than a light switch that we turn from off to on. —Ed Welch

A La Carte (September 20)

A La Carte (September 20) A La Carte (September 20) A La Carte (September 20) A La Carte (September 20)

A La Carte (September 20)


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